How do I search for items on OWLnet?
You can search by manually inputting the UPC, Item Code or Description/Keyword or uploading/taking a photo of the UPC with your mobile device's camera.
See video for demonstration.

How do I use the Grind Log tool on OWLnet?
You can use the Grind Log tool from any internet connected device, i.e., desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. You can add up to THREE seperate grinds to ONE report AND upload/take a photo of the box label with your mobile device's camera. This added feature adds an extra layer of product tracking not found on other platforms.
See video for demonstration.

I forgot my username/password for ARC! How do I get those?
Call the ARC Help Desk 913-288-1111

I have a suggestion or question about OWLnet, who do I contact?
For Questions, Comments or Suggetions on how to improve OWLnet, send emails to OWLnet Support